Press Release

Join us for the most anticipated interview of the year with Billionairess Extraordinaire Robin A. Walker……

January 8, 2025

Today I am honored to be invited to the Southern Mansion (known as Eagle’s Nest) of Billionairess Extraordinaire Robin A.Walker. The Mansion This property spans 100 acres and Ms. Walker has asked to start our interview, on this chilly January afternoon, in her tempered glass enclosed Gazebo.

Ms. Walker shares with me that she calls this unique Gazebo ‘The’Getaway’.   The Getaway is strategically located to take  in the majestic view of this lush, vibrant land, manicured & bursting with row upon row of colorful flowers.  As we approach, I am astonished by the 1300 square ft. structure. Once inside, the  peacefulness of the room washes over me.  I involuntarily close my eyes & inhale deeply the calming fragrance of vanilla in the air.  When I open my eyes, I slowly take it all in. I see the fire-place, a wet bar and I can hear the Bose’ surround sound system playing the smooth jazz sounds of Ben Tankard.

Ms. Walker explains the layout to me. There are beautiful handcrafted plush sofas so arranged to accommodate her ‘Getaway ‘preference.   If she is in the mood for listening only, she will sit in the BLUE area.  She tells me this is where she produces Liberty.  When she wants more understanding on a subject, she gestures to a section of sofas & chairs facing the East, she  sits in her YELLOW area.  There is a wood carved bookcase holding 300 books in the section.

Throughout this beautiful space are sprawling Ivy intricately woven into every section, long, lush and so green they almost look like artificial.

In the southern most point of the Gazebo is her ‘Giving Area’.  She notices the slightly perplexed look on my face then adds, this is where she comes to bring forth the details of how she can help others.

This area is RED.  It’s a deep, plush & luxurious cranberry red.  The sofa here is  contemporary in style and stark white in color, accented with 4 pillows in that same luxurious red. There are beautiful hand-blown red colored glass pieces,in unique shapes and sizes, tastefully placed in this section. There is a chair & ottoman in cranberry red, to the left of the room

As we walk towards the area I focus in on the Panoramic  gold embossed picture frame.  The images inside are set as a collage and chronicles the first Transitional Life Center, built by Ms. Walker, from the ground breaking to the Grand Opening. Last night was the Gala to celebrate the completion of 4 National Hotline Call Centers & 50 TLCs (Transitional Life Centers) open, fully functional & ready to help girls, young ladies and women across the country.

She invites me to take a seat, offers me a Cran Aloe cocktail, one of her Ardysslife  products, and awaits my reaction. I smile and nod my head in approval.

Ms.Walker indicates with a smile she is ready to begin.

My first question for her is ‘What started you on this journey?’ She smiles and I can see a sparkle in her eyes.  She tilts her head slightly and says……..

She always knewthinker she was supposed to do something extraordinary with her life. She got that feeling when she was very young, but had no idea how she could manifest it. Years went by with her living a life getting tiny glimpses of what could be, but no real method of how to make it so.

In 2013 she took all the bits and pieces she had accumulated over the years and put them together.  She says she wants to thank Lee Allen for introducing her to the free training offered by Mark J., which eventually helped her create the life she wanted.

Who is Mark  J., I asked?

She chuckles softly, then she sits up on the edge of her seat and starts speaking in the worst Italian accent I have ever heard. She’s telling me about this Italian guy from Boston, who used to sit in his Boston apartment underneath a plastic palm tree dreaming about living in Hawaii.

What is she talking about!? Should I take her seriously now or is she just pulling my leg? She’s looking at me, for what had to be at least 5 minutes, in silence. What do I say now? I am so relieved when she breaks into a hearty, very happy laugh.

She then clarifies, that Mark J., the Fabulous Davene & everyone in the MKMMA organization helped her to put the bits & pieces together that gave her the insight on what to do to make her dreams come true.

Ms.Walker, I know that you own several businesses in many different industries, most traditionally owned and operated by men. Did you dream about all of them?

Indeed I did.

Forgive me Ms.Walker, but I just can’t imagine you, as a little girl, dreaming about automobile dealerships,  manufacturing plantsdistribution centers24 hour auto-repair shops across the country & owning an NFL team.superdome

Is it easier for you to picture me owning  the retail Boutiques,  Health Coaching Etiquette businesses?  Dreams shouldn’t stop just because we get a bit older. To your point, many of the businesses I own have come into existence out of Necessity.

She then removed her glasses and  raised her left brow.  Anyone who followed the success of Ms.Walker knew that this simple gesture was powerful.  She was giving me her full attention and in her eyes I could almost see going through her journey.  She was about to give me all the details.

So, I continued. Please, Ms. Walker, share with me how all that you have accomplished came to be.

Necessity, she chuckles.  Necessity, Frustration & Desire!

Necessity of financial security? Frustration of what? Desire? I was confused, but, I ventured on.

Well, she said, then sipped her Cafe’ De’Leon Collegen Coffee, another of her Ardysslife products, finances is an obvious necessity.  I definitely and desperately needed to change my financial picture. broke I was frustrated with the part of me that kept settling for the meager lifestyle that had come upon me.  I  desperately wanted to stop feeling frustrated!  I discovered then and still have now my Burning Desire to fulfill my dreams and help others to fulfill theirs. I wanted to position myself to fill that need for me & others as well.

Okay, you’re saying that owning a National Football Team will help fulfill the needs of others? How?

Well, I currently own 25% of the team and I sponsor an annual state-wide writing contest and field trip, with winners in 5 age bus  I choose 25 young people between the ages of 10 & 18 to travel to New Orleans to see a home game, with me in my skybox. We use the trip as part of a civic assignment so they will need to write a report about the experience. We pick up everyone on Friday morning and head to New Orleans. The entire weekend is about the New Orleans Saints, the practice facility & dome, the players, it’s great! The young people get a great experience at a level that is designed to elevate their own thinking and perceptions.

They have an opportunity to spend two days & two nights in a fabulous hotel and be catered to, experiencing a life (that is usually) very different from their own & hopefully creating a desire in them to dream bigger and remove mental limitations.

Wow! That’s awesome!  May I come with you next season? I was laughing but I was oh so serious!

Yes, you may join us next season.  She tilted her head, waiting to see if there was anything else I wanted to ask.

I had to collect myself. This woman is fascinating! Yes, Ms.Walker, why did you purchase automobile dealerships?auto dealership

I created that business because I wanted to have the means to drive what ever I wanted to and change vehicles as often as I desired to.  I also wanted to provide a vehicle for the graduates of TLC and remove the stress of affordability for attractive and reliable transportation.

I nod and smile, That’s sounds like a great way to have access to a new car every year,, pretty generous too! What about the manufacturing plant and twenty-four hour repair shops?

As you know many of the graduates of TLC have been incarcerated for either misdemeanor or felony charges.  Many are minorities and from poor backgrounds.  Once being released from jail and completing our program, in order for each individual to reach a potential they didn’t know they had, they need an opportunity to learn a trade/skill and then have employment that allows them to first, earn a wage that is WELL ABOVE the poverty line, second, have employment in a place where no one under any circumstances discusses their life before TLC.  With a diverse portfolio of businesses we offer options on the skills they can learn and the life they can create for themselves. As you mentioned earlier, these industries are traditionally male owned and the workforce is predominately male.  We are training females for these jobs/careers, because it’s all about skills.  If you can learn how to do it and do it well it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female.

That’s wonderful Ms.Walker!

Yes it is.

The Word of God says, in Luke 6:38 Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom.  For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.

Do you get to enjoy your life? I mean with all that you have accomplished is it all work?

She laughs heartily and says my family and I enjoy our time together here at the mansion. Movie night is special because we often screen not yet released films. home theatre2

I have traveled all over the world with my family. We’ve vacationed on several of the islands of Hawaii and in Brazil.  We’ve taken safaris in Madagascar and enjoyed the beauty the Caribbean from our yacht yacht and every year we take trips to Fashion Week in New York, Milan and Paris. Those serve as our buying trips for the Boutiques.



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  1. Your personality is bouncing off the page! I can sense the fun that’s inside of you. You don’t run with the crowd, you lead them! You are different in the best possible way imaginable. Now I “get” the car:-))))

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