Week 7?

I’m not a Horror movie fan. The last time I sat and watched one was over 20 years ago.  But this week brought to mind one of the things I associate with Horror movies, and that is when the heroineHeroine or hero decides that they’re tired of running from the ‘monster’ so instead attempt to destroy it.  Often times they will devise a plan that seems logical and  it should succeed.

A trap would be set to capture the creature or maybe an ambush to catch it by surprise and kill it.  Only it doesn’t die.  The star will give it a good whack or the set trap will only injure it but, the monster is still alive!

Now the heroine/hero is really frightened because she or he, attempted to destroy something that is evil. Something that is causing them to be separated from the good and peaceable life they want.peaceable life  This monster is still breathing and moving toward them, seemingly, with more determination to destroy them or at least keep them shut off from  reaching out to the civilized world where help could surely be found.

I have had to reset The 7 Day Mental Diet EVERY DAY this week! A bit shocking to me to realize that I allow a negative thought to stay with me for more than 7 seconds.  The biggest horror is finding that I have had thoughts, for years in some cases, that are indeed negative, that I did not categorize as such.

The only way to end the ‘negative thought’ horror show is with………LOVE. thoughts More love in all that I do. Love.

I like the fact that Love is the resounding answer to ALL Things and that this MKMMA course understands that.

For God so loved the world………..God of love

Enjoy the Journey!

Robin A. Millionairess Walker

By Master Key Master Me

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