Beginning to Manifest Week 6

I’ve had a very interesting week.  Inexplicable things are happening and my words are beginning to manifest all around me.

The most recent thing was tonight.

I desire to be more involved with my Community Service, something that I wrote in my DMP (Definite Major Purpose), one of the assignments in the self development course I am participating in.

The Hub Ministry is an organization that helps the homeless in my city. homeless Their programs help to restore individuals who come to the Ministry and who are willing to complete the work. They also have a program to help females transition from life in the sex industry.  None of this can happen without God being at the heart of it all and He is. The Word of God is a part of everything the Hub Ministry does.

I found out this week that The Hub Ministry would have it’s 10th Birthday Celebration/ Fundraiserbirthday10 and that I could attend at no charge, which is really cool because the tickets were $50.00.  Not a lot of money, just not in my budget this week.  Wow, I was excited!

Throughout the evening stories were shared from the people whose lives have been impacted for positive change and restoration. There were amazing stories of people who were once homeless but now have a place of their own.homeless1, and stories of ladies who have successfully transitioned out of the sex industry and are now living lives filled with joy and hope and love.

Then the founder shared some wonderful news!! It was wonderful to me because it sounded like it came right from the pages of my Press Release! (To read it just go to the Press Release tab on The Purchased Ministry is expanding to other states.  The things they have planned and the things that are already in motion served as an announcement to me that I was on the right track and confirming to me that everything I have imagined in this area of service is available for me to do.

I look forward to becoming more involved with the Purchased: Not for Sale Ministry and studying this blueprint for what God has destined for me to do.God's Word1

Enjoy the Journey,

Robin A. ‘Millionairess’ Walker

By Master Key Master Me

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