Very Interesting…. Week-2

One of the great things that happened this week is that I was the benefactor of generosity from two people.

Let me explain,  I live in the South and in the South, one of the ways people show their love is by cooking for or feeding you. Both of these individuals did that for me.  Why is that special?  The previous week I had concluded that I would not spend money on eating out; there was plenty of food at home I would just need to cook.  I made this decision mentally but my very next thought was that it would be nice to go out to eat and I even pictured myself in a couple to my preferred eating places. However, I was determined to stick to my decision to not spend money eating out for the remainder of the month of September. not spending month

I did not share this decision with anyone!

On Wednesday afternoon, when I was asked to join this individual for dinner, as a thank you for helping them pack, I was at first a bit surprised then I smiled to myself and gladly accepted the offer.  Friday while at work, the other individual brought in a home cooked feast for lunch and although it was to celebrate the owner (whose birthday was the week before), because I was there I was able to enjoy the meal as well. dining out

So, I believe that I consciously witnessed my subconscious desire to have a meal out manifest in the generosity of those two people.

I am just getting started with the Master Key Experience. If I keep observing what else will I discover?

Enjoy the Journey

Robin A. ‘Millionairess’ Walker

By Master Key Master Me

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