Masterkey MasterMind Week-1

The MasterKey Master Mind 2017 session has begun, and the first task is to write my DMP. As per the instructions my DMP is suppose to say what it is I want.

I am still a little surprised at how challenging it is for me to formulate into words what it is I want.

I have several thoughts on what I want to do. I have  lots of good ideas on things that could benefit others, things I would like to be able to provide through service.  I have thoughts on ways to help others be better at what it is they desire to do.   But, what I want, a mystery to be uncovered.

I could try starting with what I want to do, however I’ve been instructed to make it clear, concise removing all fluff. clouds

I went to bed last evening with this question on my mind.  Then I dreamed a dream, and this is new again because it’s been a while since I’ve had a dream that I could recall and glean any insight from.

The dream, I am most certain, was my version of the Golden Buddah story. I was in a place that looked to be a house that had 6 to 8 rooms. The rooms were spacious and furnished nicely but the colors were dull and boring.  There were others there.  We all appeared to be content in this place.  No one was excited about life or overjoyed about anything, just content.  Life was very routine.

Then something happened.  I saw that there was a view beyond what I had become accustomed to seeing.  The normal scenery reminded me of the movie The Truman Show. trumanshow1 It looked as though I was seeing the sky and grass but it was a canvas painted to make life seem normal, acceptable. I wanted to get a better look of what I had glimpsed beyond that, beyond the canvas through the tiny crack.  But every time I tried, the Dominating Force (obviously my old blueprint) kept pushing me back into the familiar rooms.

After several attempts to break free a few of the other residents of this place became involved.  They started out trying to keep me there, but then, surprisingly, they began helping me, trying to get me out.   The back and forth struggle ensues……

Apparently this is going to be a fight.  Just know that this time I win. ali

Enjoy The Journey

Robin A. ‘Millionairess’ Walker

By Master Key Master Me

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