Week 17:The Decision

Every four years there is a Presidential election in the United States.  Every individual of voting age has to make a decision.  They have to decide for whom they will cast their vote. In most cases the individual will look at the candidates and what they represent and what they promise to do once in office to help the individual make a decision. What is right for one may or may not be what is seen as right for another. Even those who choose not to cast a vote have indeed made a decision. Theirs is to go with whichever way the wind blows. The vote in this country is an honor that has been fought for by many. It is considered to be a right of one’s citizenship “to let your voice be heard”, to be an active participant in the process.

So it is also in the life of each individual, we must cast our vote. We must let our voice be heard by our spiritual selves. We must make a decision.  Unlike the Presidential election, which only challenges us every four years, our life requires us to choose constantly, daily.

We must decide if we will live a life of fulfillment & joy!


A few days ago I was reminded of a decision I have to make. A decision to live a life of Great Expectation, to live in blissful joy in every area of my life.  I asked for the opportunity to be a part of something much bigger than myself, to grow my power from within.  I searched for information,  classes, books & teachers who could help me do that.  Then came the method by which I could accomplish exactly what I had asked for.  So now what do I do?


I must decide to cross the line to success.  I must decide to change my thoughts to thoughts that influence my words that create the habits that manifest my success.  If I do not have the time to make changes in my thoughts, my words & my habits what then do I have time for? If there are situations  and circumstances that are not a part of the life I want, why would I continue to allow those situations & circumstances to hang around? Why would I breathe life into things I do not desire?

Comfort with the familiar. Even if it is foul and sticky and difficult to navigate, if it is familiar then I am comfortable with it.  Even if it is a barren wasteland where I have witnessed others die from thirst, but familiar to me then I am comfortable with that. Really?! Am I?!


No! I am no longer comfortable with that! I choose to grow! I choose to experience more! I choose to live my Blissful Joyful Life! Through unchartered waters I make my way to the life that is designed for me, that I am destined for.


My Decision is to live my life in abundance, to the full until it overflows!


Enjoying The Journey

Robin A. ‘Billionairess’ Walker





By Master Key Master Me

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