Week 14 Happy 2017

The beginning of a new year is here.  With promises made to ourselves of how we will improve on this and start doing a better job of that.  The beginning of a thing can be very exciting or not.  The beginning can be empowering or not. The beginning can help restore faith or not


It is entirely up to you. In this case it is up to me.

My journey with Master Keys has been extraordinary. My life is totally different because this course has helped me discover and uncover so much about myself.  I believe it would have been impossible for me to reach this level of understanding of myself at this time in my life without the MKMMA Experience. This journey has challenged me and tested me. It has pulled me and pushed me.

Of late I’ve been remiss in my continued growth with the Master Keys. If it is such a wonderful thing why would I not continue with all elements of the Experience?

Thankfully, there is not now nor will there ever be an excuse good enough to not ‘do the work’. So I offer none to myself or anyone else.  Instead I dig in and get back on the road to my Wonderful Life.  Instead of a resolution I offer a statement.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious & happy!

Enjoy the Journey

Robin A. ‘Billionairess’ Walker

P.S. Yeah, My Dream is Bigger!







By Master Key Master Me

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