Week 4-The Connection

In this week four of the Master Key Experience, I found myself challenged to answer a very specific question about my life, the life I am now creating. It is interesting to me that I did not realize the answer to the question immediately, even though I had been working toward the answer for the last two years.

The question was in reference to service. Service, defined as, an act of helpful activity; help; aid. Service, you see, is paramount to having your dreams manifest. If riches is what I am asking, what am I willing to give for those riches? It is true there is no such law as something for nothing.

So I give. I am a volunteer with an organization in my city, that works directly with the community of individuals I want to serve. It is challenging. It is humbling. It moves me to want to do more to help. I need not determine how I would achieve the purpose only to decide what I wanted to do, write it out clearly, see it, believe it then with excitement and expectation welcome the manifestation.

I know now that I am on the path to fully invest in and enjoy the life I am creating. Thank you Master Keys.

Enjoying the Journey

Robin A. ‘Millionairess’ Walker

By Master Key Master Me

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