Continuation 06/2015

Everyday since our Master Mind Alliance  began I have had a ‘deep & burning desire’ to manifest some very specific things.  Image result for mastermind group

I truly believe that my conscious mind forgot about some of these desires, but true to form my subconscious did not forget. Image result for subconscious

Since it did not forget and it was truly a desire that came from my soul, I have been making steps to gain the knowledge necessary to create the changes I want, almost as if unaware.

While giving my God all honor & praise during my time with Him last week, my spirit brought back to my remembrance one such desire. This one involved my family.  I noticed how easily we had transitioned into this desire I have in my heart. Each family member seamlessly taking on their roles.  All thoughts flowing together and on one accord.

Once we started doing this, manifestation happened.  If you take the blessings for granted you will miss that fact that it is in deed a blessing!

All this after just one week! I am so Grateful!

Enjoying the Journey

By Master Key Master Me

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