The Mastermind Alliance

The Mastermind Alliance that we have with the MKMMA Experience is truly amazing.  There are people from all parts of the world with expertise in many different industries and  areas. We are encouraged to continuously create mastermind alliances with individuals that have attained  a certain level of achievement, that we respect.   It is a beautiful thing to have access to such power!

However, there is one particular Mastermind Alliance that I have desired to create. One that I believe will propel me, my family and all whom we touch to create, live and enjoy lives so far above and beyond our wildest imagination, that it will look like we have created  heaven on earth!

About 10 days ago, that Mastermind Alliance was formed. It has been in the making for quite some time and is now ready to manifest.  It is born out of love.  Over time we have learned to and earned respect for each other.  We are now focusing our energies and efforts together to accomplish one goal!

The Mastermind has been formed with my daughter.  The goal is BIG.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Continuing to Enjoy the Journey!


By Master Key Master Me

My Continuation

I am wrapping up my first few weeks back with the MKMMA exercises.

The cool thing I realized is that, even though I stopped doing the exercises (several months ago), a lot of the behaviors, developed through the MKMMA Experience, never left me!

This is really good stuff!

Now, I’m not going to tell you that I jumped back in and did every exercise the first day back, but I am back and I feel great.

It has been great experiencing my life with Definiteness of Purpose again.

Enjoy The Journey



By Master Key Master Me


Just finished my post before I saved it I lost it in WordPress land!!

Not happy about it.

Moving on.

By Master Key Master Me