Week 23–Welcome Back!

Maybe it’s because we are in the last weeks of this MKMMA experience. Maybe it’s because on the call Sunday, Mark, The Fabulous Davene & Trish so passionately urged us all to ‘Finish Strong’. Maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ daily & listening to my new & improved recorded DMP. Or perhaps, it is a combination of everything.

What has happened this week and continues to happen is true clarity & manifestation.

I tapped into it around week 4, and it was powerful. By week 8 I could reach out and touch the other side, the side where true bliss resides. Then, I felt myself back down, retreat to a more familiar place.

I couldn’t stay there. This Experience compelled me to move forward. So I did, only to discover I would have to travel to the Abyss, the time and the place I had to go to and through alone.

I was there a long time.

It is surprising to me that I would be in week 23 before I produced my next level of power.

I am thankful and truly grateful that I hung on during those days and weeks that challenged me.

I welcome the power of the ‘Sit’ & The Silence. I welcome the growth in me.

My Journey Continues,


By Master Key Master Me

8 comments on “Week 23–Welcome Back!

  1. Robin,I am encouraged by your description of your journey. I am in the abyss right now, spinning around, struggling with which way to go. Through your words I am encouraged to keep trying. Thanks.

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