Week 24–Celebration

Wow! What a ride!!!!! The most exciting thing I have done in my life so far is to be a part of this MKMMA Experience.

My words alone cannot convey how I truly feel.  So I have chosen to share this with you.


Enjoy The Journey-


By Master Key Master Me

Week 23–Welcome Back!

Maybe it’s because we are in the last weeks of this MKMMA experience. Maybe it’s because on the call Sunday, Mark, The Fabulous Davene & Trish so passionately urged us all to ‘Finish Strong’. Maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ daily & listening to my new & improved recorded DMP. Or perhaps, it is a combination of everything.

What has happened this week and continues to happen is true clarity & manifestation.

I tapped into it around week 4, and it was powerful. By week 8 I could reach out and touch the other side, the side where true bliss resides. Then, I felt myself back down, retreat to a more familiar place.

I couldn’t stay there. This Experience compelled me to move forward. So I did, only to discover I would have to travel to the Abyss, the time and the place I had to go to and through alone.

I was there a long time.

It is surprising to me that I would be in week 23 before I produced my next level of power.

I am thankful and truly grateful that I hung on during those days and weeks that challenged me.

I welcome the power of the ‘Sit’ & The Silence. I welcome the growth in me.

My Journey Continues,


By Master Key Master Me

Week 22A——-Uh Oh*#!%

My Self Directed Week with Silence needs some work.

If  I  feel fear I will plunge ahead.

I did, get my new website up and online; I did make a definite decision concerning my current work situation; I do know that this MKMMA Experience is deeply embedded in me.

I am getting more done in less time. I am feeling better physically. I am attracting new people to me constantly, each with a specific purpose in a specific area of growth for me.

Ah, and yes I hear Og,

If I feel complacency I will remember my competition.

Today I will be master of my emotions.

Yes. I am.

Enjoy the Journey-




By Master Key Master Me

Week 22 Thoughts Are Powerful!

The Lesson from Haanel this week has been most profound for me.  Once again we are reminded that our thoughts, all thoughts are spiritual seed and when thoughts are planted in the subconscious mind, these thoughts have a tendency to sprout and grow.

Knowing this, surely we will grow pleasant things, happy & good things, right?  Unfortunately, no.

Too often the life we are living is full of the exact things we do not want.  Haanel shares that the fruit of our thoughts, which all too often may be fear, worry, care, anxiety, jealousy, hatred and similar thought, produces various forms of diseased conditions. I contend, that being in lack, poverty, depressed & low self-esteem as well as physical illness are in deed diseased conditions.

We are powerful and whether we are aware of our power or not we are using it daily.  When we consider the life we truly want, the life we may no longer speak about out loud, and we are given scientific & spiritual proof that we are responsible for the current condition in which we find ourselves,we should all get fired up and start making changes!  Change the things you think about.

Create the picture perfect life you want in your mind and hold on to that picture.  See every detail.  Hold it.  Give it Life.  It works!  Sometimes slowly at first, sometimes it’s sweeping and fast.  Just know that change will come.

Enjoy The Journey-


By Master Key Master Me