Week 21-Saying Goodbye

Tonight we had the Family Hour for my cousin Mr. Roderick Wayne Walker. This was not an event I had planned to attend, however when my mother called me this morning and asked if I would be going, I felt obligated to go.

Saying goodbye to Roderick, is something I have been doing all week in my own way, which from time to time involved shedding a few tears. Being around family members & his friends would require me to keep a ‘stiff upper lip’. No crying in public!

I arrived at the funeral home and was directed to the chapel. I smiled and nodded to all who were there. I made my way to the casket. He looked good.  His face was full, beard & mustache filled in and neatly trimmed. He was wearing his Cowboys jersey, holding a football. Roderick was a true Blue Dallas Cowboy fan.

Winnfield Funeral home had done a great job for my cousin. I smiled a loving smile and nodded my head in approval as I fought back the tears.

As we prepare for your body to be returned to the ground, I know that your spirit lives on in eternity.

I love you, goodbye.

Life Is A Journey-


By Master Key Master Me

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