Week 19–Presence

In the video clip Mark shared this week I had the opportunity gain some insights on body language.

My body language speaks volumes about what I truly feel & think about myself.

Without thinking about it  I create a presence when I enter a room. I cause others to stop, if just for a moment, and do a double take or ask if I am in charge.

My presence conveys a power that is foreign to many.  My presence is full of joy and authority. My presence is full of generosity. My presence creates an atmosphere of ‘Great Expectations’ who’s measuring stick may at times, be tough to live up to.

For years I have wondered why some people I come across instantly dislike me. Could it be that my presence causes intimidation?

With the MKMMA experience I have become more aware of my personal power.  Each day I am now more in tune with myself.

Enjoy The Journey-


By Master Key Master Me

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