Week 17hj—–Choices

This week I had choices to make concerning my MasterKey readings.  I thought that was an excellent idea. I have enjoyed many of the lessons & I find them to especially rejuvenating in the morning, before the day really gets underway.  I choose to do my sit in the mornings as well, I look forward to the revelations that come in the Silence.

This week  was also an opportuity to reach  back & reconnect with why I was a part of this MKMMA Experience, and why I move forward each week with this experience.

I came to find the MasterKey for me.  I remain here to learn how to consistently, successfully & masterfully navigate the extraordinary life I know I can have.

My Hero’s Journey has seen roadblocks , derailments , weather delays  & traffic jams.

Even now, with the knowledge of my Power and Permission (I’ve given to myself) to use it, there are still a few potholes to navigate. It’s cool.  It’s just residue from my ‘old blueprint’.  The Power I have today will help me create the outcome(effect) I truly desire.

That is my choice.

Enjoy The Journey-


By Master Key Master Me

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