Week 15– Make, Break or Wounded?

To have come this far in my MKMMA experience is definitely a triumph.  I don’t believe I thought I had ‘arrived’, but I did feel a sense of safety in my new reality.

Then one little thing that I did not like happened. I instantly  felt resentment, and though I continued to do most of my exercises during the week I was angry! (I was the dumb bear hugging the hot kettle!)

The anger I felt caused me four days of illness. This means I missed work, missed completing some daily exercises and missed manifesting the world within that I have invested time creating.

I have since forgiven myself & I have forgiven the person who set me off.

So now I go forward,  understanding just a little better how really, really, really, really, really important it is to STAY ON THE MENTAL DIET FOREVER!!!!!

Now, What’s Next?

Enjoy  The Journey-


By Master Key Master Me

3 comments on “Week 15– Make, Break or Wounded?

  1. The Law of Forgiveness – forgive everyone! You were tested, your immune system went awry, your old blueprint took over, and you came through stronger than ever. You are nature’s greatest miracle!

  2. Only those who try know failure and success. Press on, loving your neighbor as yourself (BTW did you see that you have to love yourself?) So glad you are continuing the journey. You persist and you win.

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