Week 14-Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

There is absolutely no way you could ever ………..

This week I watched Rudy. The story of a young man who had a big, big, BIG Dream. His dream went beyond the traditional status quo of the day.  You know, graduate from High School, get a job at the local mine, meet a girl, get married, buy a house, have the family. Rudy’s father told him this is a nice life. And it  was, but for someone else.

Rudy’s dream was to PLAY football for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame!  Period.  Now, that’s quite a lofty goal for someone who stands 5’6′ & only weighs 165 lbs. with no obvious athletic ability.  It would not matter. What he lacked in size he would make up in Determination & Drive. Rudy would employee what he had been taught all of his young life, hard work.  He got that from his father.

He also got his dream from his father. The seed was planted very early.  Rudy loved his father and wanted very much to please him & make him proud. Rudy grew up watching and listening to his father practically worship Notre Dame football.   There was something so, so powerful about the  way his father would look when he talked about Notre Dame, the light in his eyes, the pride in his voice.

His best friend, Pete, helps nurture the dream throughout their child hood and Pete’s death propels Rudy to South Bend.

I’m pretty sure  Mr. Ruettiger was unaware that he was tying to kill a dream that he had been responsible for creating when he told Rudy that Notre Dame was for rich, smart kids & you had to be a great athlete to play on the team .

Rudy had a plan that I believe developed because he kept taking small steps at every opportunity which was created from the thought of his singular purpose of mind.

Rudy had to be ‘accepted’ in to Notre Dame.  Father Cavanaugh gets him one step closer.

Rudy had to get better grades to pass his classes; Rudy joins forces with Debach, an honors student & TA.

Down to very little money and no place to live, Fortune,the keeper of the field hires him & give him access to a safe place to sleep.

Rudy is diligent in  his school work & his grades are better but time is running out on his eligibility to be transferred to Notre Dame.

Then it  happens & his second thought, after he thanks God is to take his Letter of Acceptance to the University of Notre Dame to his earthly father.  Dad is so proud, Rudy is beaming & his older brother is shocked.

The Universe yielded him what he had requested. The Universe had no choice.

Time to make the team and he does, the  practice squad.   No one back home believes he’s really practicing with the team. They’ve got to see it to believe it.     And further more, he has to dress for at least one game to be officially listed as a Notre Dame football player.   Rudy has learned to Believe It to See It.

Last game of  his Senior year the opportunity presents itself for Rudy to completely  fulfill the reality of his long-held dream & he wants his father there in the stands.  In the only game Rudy dressed for he led the team out of the tunnel, ran one Special Teams play, Ran one play on Defense & sacked the quarterback, then he is carried off the field on the shoulders of his teammates!

Both father and son are thrilled at this moment in time and that pride and awe that Mr. Ruettiger has for The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame now includes his son, Rudy.

Enjoy The Journey


You can watch this movie FREE  www.ffilms.org

Thank you Brian

By Master Key Master Me

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