Opportunities Week 9

This week has presented me with many opportunities to ‘Master the Art of Love’.

Much has taken place this week.


A Board meeting with an organization I volunteer with was canceled. I did not get word of the cancellation.

To get to the meeting I rode the bus, because my vehicle was down.  I said I would attend the meeting.  I Always Keep My Promises!  A taxi ride that distance was not economically feasible.  It was cold and wet.  I had arranged to get a ride home from the meeting with a member of the board.  That would not happen now & I had to ride the bus back, it’s still cold and wet.


Being a retail manager during this time of the year is always  interesting.

Several co-workers were found to have been dishonest and forcibly removed from the building, two days before one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

This turn of events created a workforce shortage.  Now there are individuals in place who are in such a dark place in their thinking and speaking that only negative things, sometimes disguised positive, comes  from them.  That much negative energy in one place  will challenge you.  To date I have not completed my ‘Mental Diet’.

Thanksgiving Day

At my home with my daughter, my grandson and my wonderful dog  Max.  Great meal Beef Tips, Rice, Green Beans, Sticky Cake & Ice Cream.  Good Football Games. Peaceful. Happy.

Black Friday

Typical.  Busy.  We had Great Customers.

I was reminded in a recent post by a fellow MKMMAer to use the power within to create my current world without as well as my  future world.  I believe I will put more thought in every area of my life now.

The gal in the glass is expecting more from me.   My experience with this course and every exercise continues to help me give more, do more & be more.

I start my Mental Diet over today and I choose to complete it without interruption  in 7 days. 

I Always Keep My Promises!

Enjoy The Journey


By Master Key Master Me

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