Remember The Time Week 8

Everything  we have been exposed to in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance course concerning our power within, thus far, I have tapped into before! True, I had no idea what the power was or how to sustain it, or how it really worked and honestly early on I did not even link it to God.  At one point in my arrogant ignorance I thought it was my ‘stern determination’    that made all the difference.

The first time I consciously tapped into the power was many years ago.  I wanted to drop a few pounds & get my coke-a-cola bottle figure back. So I stood in front of the mirror, for many days, and said to myself (affirmations) of what I wanted others to perceive me to be… beautiful, sexy.  I started doing some things differently & it worked but it was a lot of work because I thought it was all me.

Once I accomplished my goal, I stopped saying the affirmations.  I did absolutely nothing (with that power) and I allowed the other areas of my life to develop by  happen stance, just blowing in the wind.

Fast forward a few years later when I decided I wanted to purchase a home.  I was told I needed to increase my yearly income to be considered for a loan.  So I set out to increase my yearly income in the traditional fashion, through my job. The seed was planted, yet I did not know how to protect it or care for it properly. I did not understand  the necessity of being a diligent, purposeful gardener.       I did not think I had ever grown anything before, and I had not spent any time in the presence of a successful gardener.

It took 10 years to manifest my first home.

This week I have been reminded of different times in my life when I clumsily tapped into the power I have.  Some of the results have not been good,  and  my goodness, it has taken entirely too long for the life I thought I would have to be made manifest.

The exercise this week brought excitement to my imagination.  Seeing an object all the way back to its intangible beginnings is powerful!  Back to the thought that is responsible for the manifestation of it, really powerful!

Time  is necessary to bring to fruition the thoughts of my mind and now that I am learning each and everyday how to tend (that’s southern slang for ‘attend’) the garden and protect the seeds (thoughts) I believe my results will come much faster.

Enjoy The Journey!


By Master Key Master Me

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