My Compass My Bliss


My compass has served as a reminder this week to follow my Bliss.  I boldly and proudly wear my compass around my neck on a colorful ribbon about 24″ long.  I found my compass at the Dollar Tree in the toys area.  It’s a small plastic thing with no moving parts, yet it has guided me all week-long. It has reminded me to FOCUS!!!

Throughout the day I glance down to see my compass and I remember to consciously think about what I am thinking about. This is so important because not being aware of your thoughts or (even worse) thinking nothing at all can lead you stagnant, murky place where nothing grows.   I am reminded to only have positive thoughts,  and to think of the information  I am being exposed to in the Master Keys course.

My compass reminds me to breathe slowly and deeply, to keep oxygen flowing to the brain & to do my best. My compass prompts me to do all of my reads, whether in silence or out loud with ENTHUSIASM!

My compass helps me to put the Focus on what is important, My Definite Major Purpose. This is my destination the world within (that I am creating) so that my world without is what I choose, is my Bliss!

Enjoy the journey!



By Master Key Master Me

5 comments on “My Compass My Bliss

  1. What a great visual, huh! I feel your conviction in this process. Each week I look forward to reading your posts as I know afterwards I will be uplifted and encouraged that much more. As always, thank you for sharing!

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