This week I experienced a moment of  having the Masterkey unlock  yet another door.   

I use a Daily Devotional call Faith To Faith A Daily Guide to Victory by Kenneth & Gloria Copeland.  Every devotion this week seem to be lighting the path and showing me the origin of everything that Haanel & Og were saying and offering me the correlation.  Everything about this week’s lesson is a revelation.

I loved the shapes and colors exercise , creating multiple pages.  I colored in my shapes.  What an experience!  I have not used crayons to this extent  in years!  I  participated in this ‘childlike’ exercise & I eliminated excuses.  My subby was saying  DoIt Now, Do It Now, Do It Now!  So, I did.

In the reading of Scroll II,  I am reunited fully with love.   The Scroll speaks of love and declares that no matter what someone else may do, say or how they may behave, I am to respond with love, in love.  I have been challenged this week in this area.  I have been forced to think about how I respond to every situation and to make certain that I respond with love.

This mechanism?  When I read that term in Part 6, the first thing that came to mind was the movie For Love of the Game starring Kevin Costner.  He was  a major league pitcher and when he stepped on the mound, he would say to himself  ‘clear the mechanism’.  In a stadium full of boisterous fans,  he was able to tune out the noise and ‘focus‘ on his ‘purpose‘ which was his Catcher & pitching out the batter, standing before him, at home plate.  Even better than that, Mr. Costner’s character has an opportunity to pitch a ‘Perfect Game’ at a pivotal time in his career and he has to use this skill of clearing the mechanism to accomplish what few have done.

When watching the movie I thought it was great that he could command his mind to clear out and focus so intently.  Now to know I can do this, I can ‘clear my mechanism,’ train my brain to focus on thoughts within to change my world without….whew!

Master Key,  Master Me. Click, click. 

Enjoy The Journey


By Master Key Master Me

6 comments on “CLICK! CLICK! WEEK 6-

  1. Love it Robin!! I too had to color in each and every one of those shapes by hand and I actually loved it. In fact, my 8 year old daughter saw me coloring and she too has reconnected with drawing and creating and being in that space of fun! Kudos for sharing your journey.

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