I Like Being Here -Week-5

I am in such a Happy place right now!  I am surrounded by the people and my four-legged baby I love  & who love me back.

When I do my “SIT” I am a washed from my head down to my toes with a powerful peaceful & joyous feeling.  When I tune in to my World Within and ‘capture’ my 6 seconds I see my World Within bursting with life and in vivid color.

It’s like flashes of a Movie Trailer ……

We are at the Mansion in Florida.preparing for a formal dinner I am hosting.

I am on the private landing strip greeting guest who have flown in on my private jet. 


We’re riding the horses on a beautiful morning.

I am in my bedroom suite choosing my gown for the evening. 

I like the beauty I see and feel.   I like the  feeling being there gives me. I  want this life.

My MIND is set on the person I INTEND to become.  I AM WHAT I  WILL TO BE!

Enjoy The Journey!


By Master Key Master Me

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