Stay Focused Do The Work -Week 2

So really, I thought I had a few of the daily tasks pretty  well handled.  I mean, everything I was instructed to do was really simple. I can handle this without much effort.


OLD BLUEPRINT EMERGING!  The Old Blueprint would learn a little tiny bit and then think ‘I really have it together’. The Old Blueprint would stop at knowing just enough to be dangerous to myself and others but not consistently effective in the positive.

All of my struggles this week with my assignments were of my own doing.


Old Blueprint: My SIT must done at the end of my day.

New Blueprint: I have the unique opportunity, because of the hours I work, to conduct my SIT during different times of the day.

Follow the instructions. Stay focused. Do the work.

There is great excitement in knowing that I am creating my New Blueprint (my exciting new life) every day.

Enjoy The Journey!


By Master Key Master Me

One comment on “Stay Focused Do The Work -Week 2

  1. Fight the Voice inside….stop breath and realize that it is your SUBBY talking to you….it’s fighting the change you are placing on it….feels great to know that we can actually control this Amazing entity in our SKULLS



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