Week 1 -My First Week with the Master Keys

The first thing I realized was that My belief system was not challenged but enhanced.  This is a HUGE deal for me because I have spent many, many, many hours going back and forth in my own mind about how do I give honor to the God I serve  and believe in and enjoy real life wealth and riches!  So awesome that I got that straight in my head before starting the course and now I have a true Blueprint to use that will help me achieve all the great things I want to achieve.

The second thing, with this sense of It’s all  working together and I have the power to create my world without by the way I think of my world within, I used my power on Tuesday to help me change what things looked like to what I wanted things to be.

Here’s the story;

My vehicle is currently not running, I need engine work and I have not had the resources ($1,500.00) to get it repaired (that’s about to change too!). I have ALWAYS been the chick who took care of herself and did not ask anyone for anything, no favors, nothing.   Plus, I DO NOT like feeling that other people have power over me. When people know that I need them & say no to my request, I don’t like it.  That type of believing I have found can also lead to no real relationships and very few acquaintances.  All that to say, on Tuesday morning my daughter told me she would not be able to pick me up from work.  I decided that I would not have to ride the bus (the bus ride takes 1.5 hrs and I would still have to walk about 1/8 of a mile to get to my house & It would be dark by the time I started the walk).  I decided in my mind, in my world within, that I would have a ride home.  I asked another person that day and they were not available to help me.  That did not change my thoughts. I kept thinking in my world within that I would get a ride home and be delivered to my front door.

My shift ended, but I was delayed about 20 minutes before I could go.  When I got to my phone, I saw that my daughter had texted me & said she would be out front from about 10 minutes before I was scheduled to be off until exactly 10 minutes after I was scheduled to be off.  When I saw the text I headed outside as fast as I could, I didn’t see her, she had left.  I texted her back thinking maybe she’s still close by & could turnaround.  When she responded to my text she was home preparing for a meeting she would be attending shortly.  This, I believe was a major growth point for me.  I was not pleased that she did not call the store to let me know she would be able to take me home.  She knew I would not have my phone on me while working.  I could have gone in many different directions with my response and what looked like defeat of my goal for the day.  I choose to text, ‘Please call me inside the store next time’.

I took a deep breath and walked to the bus stop still believing that I would get a ride home and no, a cab was not in the Tuesday budget.  I was at the bus stop, standing, still changing my world within.  Over head rain clouds were moving in my direction, cars were passing by & I was pacing back and forth waiting & believing that I would get a ride home today.

I felt a few drops of rain; I still believe; and across the street a young lady stops, rolls down her window and asks ‘would you like a lift?’ Big smile on my face & I’m walking toward her and I reply ‘ How far are you going?’ Her response ‘It doesn’t matter. Where do you need to go?’ Just before the rains came I was in her vehicle saying my thank you’s giving her directions to my house.

Through the rain she drove, stopping to help another on the way.  In the driveway of my home I asked how could I thank her for her generosity she said ‘Pay it forward’.

That day I met a good person with a good heart who had the desire & the means to be of assistance to me.  I changed my world without, because I changed my world within.

Today I begin a new life!

By Master Key Master Me

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