I have to remember that no matter what my current life circumstance may be, I am responsible for it.  My thoughts of yesterday have created my life of today.

That’s not always a pretty picture.  hiding2

Today I see GREAT opportunities to change some things.  I see the need to consciously eliminate & block subliminal messaging that comes from sources that are familiar and comfortable.

One of the habits I developed this past year was watching the late night news and then catch the monologue on a popular late night show.  I believed that I was keeping myself informed (with the news cast) and entertained (with the late night monologue). war-2408702__340Harmless habit, right?

No!  The late night news was always, always, always full of negative reports and images!  Yeah, the news anchors would banter and make cutesy remarks, but the information was not positive.  Not something to sleep on, and the monologues were something I could live without.

This session of the Master Key Master Mind class, reminds me that my thoughts are being influenced by what I absorb consciously (especially the last hour of the day, just before sleep).

In order to create the life I desire, I have to start with what I think. To change what I think, I have to change what’s getting through the gate!security guard gate

In order to change my world without, I must change my world within.  My Watchman at the Gate must be on duty during my every waking hour, Haanel.

The best way to tackle this, is by changing my Habits.professional-football-1658142_640

A new Habit is needed to replace that old one.  That’s where the Master Key experience comes in!  I have a new habit and I honor the promise to myself to stay faithful to it.

Enjoy the Journey,

Robin A. ‘Millionairess’ Walker




By Master Key Master Me

Very Interesting…. Week-2

One of the great things that happened this week is that I was the benefactor of generosity from two people.

Let me explain,  I live in the South and in the South, one of the ways people show their love is by cooking for or feeding you. Both of these individuals did that for me.  Why is that special?  The previous week I had concluded that I would not spend money on eating out; there was plenty of food at home I would just need to cook.  I made this decision mentally but my very next thought was that it would be nice to go out to eat and I even pictured myself in a couple to my preferred eating places. However, I was determined to stick to my decision to not spend money eating out for the remainder of the month of September. not spending month

I did not share this decision with anyone!

On Wednesday afternoon, when I was asked to join this individual for dinner, as a thank you for helping them pack, I was at first a bit surprised then I smiled to myself and gladly accepted the offer.  Friday while at work, the other individual brought in a home cooked feast for lunch and although it was to celebrate the owner (whose birthday was the week before), because I was there I was able to enjoy the meal as well. dining out

So, I believe that I consciously witnessed my subconscious desire to have a meal out manifest in the generosity of those two people.

I am just getting started with the Master Key Experience. If I keep observing what else will I discover?

Enjoy the Journey

Robin A. ‘Millionairess’ Walker

By Master Key Master Me

Masterkey MasterMind Week-1

The MasterKey Master Mind 2017 session has begun, and the first task is to write my DMP. As per the instructions my DMP is suppose to say what it is I want.

I am still a little surprised at how challenging it is for me to formulate into words what it is I want.

I have several thoughts on what I want to do. I have  lots of good ideas on things that could benefit others, things I would like to be able to provide through service.  I have thoughts on ways to help others be better at what it is they desire to do.   But, what I want, a mystery to be uncovered.

I could try starting with what I want to do, however I’ve been instructed to make it clear, concise removing all fluff. clouds

I went to bed last evening with this question on my mind.  Then I dreamed a dream, and this is new again because it’s been a while since I’ve had a dream that I could recall and glean any insight from.

The dream, I am most certain, was my version of the Golden Buddah story. I was in a place that looked to be a house that had 6 to 8 rooms. The rooms were spacious and furnished nicely but the colors were dull and boring.  There were others there.  We all appeared to be content in this place.  No one was excited about life or overjoyed about anything, just content.  Life was very routine.

Then something happened.  I saw that there was a view beyond what I had become accustomed to seeing.  The normal scenery reminded me of the movie The Truman Show. trumanshow1 It looked as though I was seeing the sky and grass but it was a canvas painted to make life seem normal, acceptable. I wanted to get a better look of what I had glimpsed beyond that, beyond the canvas through the tiny crack.  But every time I tried, the Dominating Force (obviously my old blueprint) kept pushing me back into the familiar rooms.

After several attempts to break free a few of the other residents of this place became involved.  They started out trying to keep me there, but then, surprisingly, they began helping me, trying to get me out.   The back and forth struggle ensues……

Apparently this is going to be a fight.  Just know that this time I win. ali

Enjoy The Journey

Robin A. ‘Millionairess’ Walker

By Master Key Master Me

Week 17:The Decision

Every four years there is a Presidential election in the United States.  Every individual of voting age has to make a decision.  They have to decide for whom they will cast their vote. In most cases the individual will look at the candidates and what they represent and what they promise to do once in office to help the individual make a decision. What is right for one may or may not be what is seen as right for another. Even those who choose not to cast a vote have indeed made a decision. Theirs is to go with whichever way the wind blows. The vote in this country is an honor that has been fought for by many. It is considered to be a right of one’s citizenship “to let your voice be heard”, to be an active participant in the process.

So it is also in the life of each individual, we must cast our vote. We must let our voice be heard by our spiritual selves. We must make a decision.  Unlike the Presidential election, which only challenges us every four years, our life requires us to choose constantly, daily.

We must decide if we will live a life of fulfillment & joy!


A few days ago I was reminded of a decision I have to make. A decision to live a life of Great Expectation, to live in blissful joy in every area of my life.  I asked for the opportunity to be a part of something much bigger than myself, to grow my power from within.  I searched for information,  classes, books & teachers who could help me do that.  Then came the method by which I could accomplish exactly what I had asked for.  So now what do I do?


I must decide to cross the line to success.  I must decide to change my thoughts to thoughts that influence my words that create the habits that manifest my success.  If I do not have the time to make changes in my thoughts, my words & my habits what then do I have time for? If there are situations  and circumstances that are not a part of the life I want, why would I continue to allow those situations & circumstances to hang around? Why would I breathe life into things I do not desire?

Comfort with the familiar. Even if it is foul and sticky and difficult to navigate, if it is familiar then I am comfortable with it.  Even if it is a barren wasteland where I have witnessed others die from thirst, but familiar to me then I am comfortable with that. Really?! Am I?!


No! I am no longer comfortable with that! I choose to grow! I choose to experience more! I choose to live my Blissful Joyful Life! Through unchartered waters I make my way to the life that is designed for me, that I am destined for.


My Decision is to live my life in abundance, to the full until it overflows!


Enjoying The Journey

Robin A. ‘Billionairess’ Walker





By Master Key Master Me

Week 14 Happy 2017

The beginning of a new year is here.  With promises made to ourselves of how we will improve on this and start doing a better job of that.  The beginning of a thing can be very exciting or not.  The beginning can be empowering or not. The beginning can help restore faith or not


It is entirely up to you. In this case it is up to me.

My journey with Master Keys has been extraordinary. My life is totally different because this course has helped me discover and uncover so much about myself.  I believe it would have been impossible for me to reach this level of understanding of myself at this time in my life without the MKMMA Experience. This journey has challenged me and tested me. It has pulled me and pushed me.

Of late I’ve been remiss in my continued growth with the Master Keys. If it is such a wonderful thing why would I not continue with all elements of the Experience?

Thankfully, there is not now nor will there ever be an excuse good enough to not ‘do the work’. So I offer none to myself or anyone else.  Instead I dig in and get back on the road to my Wonderful Life.  Instead of a resolution I offer a statement.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious & happy!

Enjoy the Journey

Robin A. ‘Billionairess’ Walker

P.S. Yeah, My Dream is Bigger!







By Master Key Master Me

Week 4-The Connection

In this week four of the Master Key Experience, I found myself challenged to answer a very specific question about my life, the life I am now creating. It is interesting to me that I did not realize the answer to the question immediately, even though I had been working toward the answer for the last two years.

The question was in reference to service. Service, defined as, an act of helpful activity; help; aid. Service, you see, is paramount to having your dreams manifest. If riches is what I am asking, what am I willing to give for those riches? It is true there is no such law as something for nothing.

So I give. I am a volunteer with an organization in my city, that works directly with the community of individuals I want to serve. It is challenging. It is humbling. It moves me to want to do more to help. I need not determine how I would achieve the purpose only to decide what I wanted to do, write it out clearly, see it, believe it then with excitement and expectation welcome the manifestation.

I know now that I am on the path to fully invest in and enjoy the life I am creating. Thank you Master Keys.

Enjoying the Journey

Robin A. ‘Millionairess’ Walker

By Master Key Master Me


I am creative. I have always been creative.  I wrote my first school play when I was 10 years old. The teacher allowed me to select students from the class to perform the play during a Black History celebration.

I wrote a script and line-up for a Talent Show when I was in Junior High School.  The Theme Title was taken from the Mighty O’Jays hit ‘Living for the Weekend’ ojays.  It was exciting and chaotic and thrilling. I had butterflies the night of the show and I was so proud of what I had accomplished.

Then? Life happened.  A lot of life happened. Time continued to tick away.

Many years later, during a resurgence of my CREATIVE self I wrote a play for my adult daughter’s Youth Group at her church. Though I could not have a direct hand to produce the project, the content had a major positive impact on the group.

In 2003 I had an idea for a Summer Concert Youth Talent event.  The title I gave it was Jammin’ for Jesus. I wanted to give the young people of the community an opportunity to work with skilled adults who would share their skills & insights with the youth and the youth in turn would build and paint the set/stage, create costumes, write the skits, sing and represent different music genres, have (clean language) comedians, have an Original Fashions (from the youth) fashion show featuring aspiring models & of course the Emcee.  Make it an annual event  and pow! This concept could have rocked my city and the surrounding areas.

Then? Life continued to happen. Better this time. Still Survival mode.

Now why on earth would I share this today.  Well you see, I had forgotten about this part of me. I did not truly realize that this Robin had quietly slipped into the background and my conscious mind did not bother to go after her. My conscious mind was very busy with stuff, you know survival stuff. And as I am learning, apparently when you do the same thing for a certain amount of time, accepting the results you receive, then those actions become habit and now you don’t even need to think about what you’re doing, you just do it. So if you have indicated, even  unintentionally, that  you’re good with what’s happening in your world you just go on and on and on.


I was asked to choose, from a short list, two things that best fit me and what I want.  I took the opportunity to look deep within myself, and though it felt like unfamiliar terrain, I went on a journey to find me. The CREATIVEcreativity me that was once able to see so much more beauty and hope and possibilities.

She showed up.woman Hey girl! I missed you!

Enjoying the Journey,

Robin A. ‘Millioinairess’ Walker

By Master Key Master Me

Week 2

I am a little annoyed now.  I recently submitted work that I thought I had read and understood the directions for only  to have to redo the work.  I did the work, again.  So the old blueprint did not win.


At least I don’t think it did. Next week I’ll write my blog on a different day at a different time of day. Yeah, done for the night.

Still on the Journey,

Robin A. ‘Millionairess’ Walker

By Master Key Master Me

Week 1– Self Discovery

I found it most interesting. There was a little commotion. A little bit of uncertainty. Perhaps even a little bit of hostility. No, the distractions in my day did not stop me from beginning my journey, again. I actually laughed when I realized that it really was just a distraction and if I wanted to I could allow it to keep me befuddled. I simply chose a different outcome. I mean there are some traces of the good I received from my first trek with the Master Keys.

The timing is so perfect. I just started a new career and this journey will help me release, rethink & reinvent the me that I see to the me I truly want to be.

Self-discovery anyone? Let’s go!

Enjoy the Journey

Robin A. ‘Millionairess’ Walker

By Master Key Master Me