Week 1- 2019 Ready, Set, Masterkeys

This is the time of year  when The Masterkey starts a new session.  joy2

You might ask, why would a Lifetime Member volunteer to go through the extremely rigorous Masterkey session again!  Why subject myself to the Masters-like course demands that require I make changes in my daily routine to accommodate the requirements?

I think it’s really cool that just when I need to refresh, refuel & refocus a new Masterkeys begins.  I am grateful that one of the many benefits of Lifetime Membership is the access we are given to every session.

No matter what your desire in life—be it relationships, health, business or finance, The Masterkeys is so powerful, so thorough that it can help you achieve it.

For each positive step in my life over the last few years, The Masterkeys has played a major part.  I am embarking on new adventures, going where I have never gone before and applying the Masterkeys to help me succeed.


Enjoying the Journey,

Robin A. ‘Billionairess’ Walker


By Master Key Master Me

The Masterkey Weeks 8 & 9

Have you ever been moving forward with your life and then suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere you get knocked (or pushed) completely off balance (or a cliff)?pushed

No matter who you are an attack can require  some recovery time.  I’m moving forward  and should I need to address the matter in future, I’ll be ready.

Still standing.

Enjoy The Journey!

Robin A. Millionairess Walker

By Master Key Master Me

Week 7?

I’m not a Horror movie fan. The last time I sat and watched one was over 20 years ago.  But this week brought to mind one of the things I associate with Horror movies, and that is when the heroineHeroine or hero decides that they’re tired of running from the ‘monster’ so instead attempt to destroy it.  Often times they will devise a plan that seems logical and  it should succeed.

A trap would be set to capture the creature or maybe an ambush to catch it by surprise and kill it.  Only it doesn’t die.  The star will give it a good whack or the set trap will only injure it but, the monster is still alive!

Now the heroine/hero is really frightened because she or he, attempted to destroy something that is evil. Something that is causing them to be separated from the good and peaceable life they want.peaceable life  This monster is still breathing and moving toward them, seemingly, with more determination to destroy them or at least keep them shut off from  reaching out to the civilized world where help could surely be found.

I have had to reset The 7 Day Mental Diet EVERY DAY this week! A bit shocking to me to realize that I allow a negative thought to stay with me for more than 7 seconds.  The biggest horror is finding that I have had thoughts, for years in some cases, that are indeed negative, that I did not categorize as such.

The only way to end the ‘negative thought’ horror show is with………LOVE. thoughts More love in all that I do. Love.

I like the fact that Love is the resounding answer to ALL Things and that this MKMMA course understands that.

For God so loved the world………..God of love

Enjoy the Journey!

Robin A. Millionairess Walker

By Master Key Master Me

Beginning to Manifest Week 6

I’ve had a very interesting week.  Inexplicable things are happening and my words are beginning to manifest all around me.

The most recent thing was tonight.

I desire to be more involved with my Community Service, something that I wrote in my DMP (Definite Major Purpose), one of the assignments in the self development course I am participating in.

The Hub Ministry is an organization that helps the homeless in my city. homeless Their programs help to restore individuals who come to the Ministry and who are willing to complete the work. They also have a program to help females transition from life in the sex industry.  None of this can happen without God being at the heart of it all and He is. The Word of God is a part of everything the Hub Ministry does.

I found out this week that The Hub Ministry would have it’s 10th Birthday Celebration/ Fundraiserbirthday10 and that I could attend at no charge, which is really cool because the tickets were $50.00.  Not a lot of money, just not in my budget this week.  Wow, I was excited!

Throughout the evening stories were shared from the people whose lives have been impacted for positive change and restoration. There were amazing stories of people who were once homeless but now have a place of their own.homeless1, and stories of ladies who have successfully transitioned out of the sex industry and are now living lives filled with joy and hope and love.

Then the founder shared some wonderful news!! It was wonderful to me because it sounded like it came right from the pages of my Press Release! (To read it just go to the Press Release tab on Masterkeymasterme.wordpress.com). The Purchased Ministry is expanding to other states.  The things they have planned and the things that are already in motion served as an announcement to me that I was on the right track and confirming to me that everything I have imagined in this area of service is available for me to do.

I look forward to becoming more involved with the Purchased: Not for Sale Ministry and studying this blueprint for what God has destined for me to do.God's Word1

Enjoy the Journey,

Robin A. ‘Millionairess’ Walker

By Master Key Master Me

Seeing Me…Week 5

It has been a challenging week.  Not with the exercises, I decided I would be committed to them before this session of the Master Keys began.

The challenge is in giving no opinions!   mouth shut2

Man this is a lot tougher than I thought it would be.  I’ve heard myself speaking in the past and there’s been a critical tone in my voice that I’m sure has assisted in alienating people from me, but I was still trying to convince myself that I was showing love.  I told myself I was giving “constructive criticism”.  I found out some time ago that there’s no such thing!

When I did manage to keep my opinions to myself this week, I actually felt a bit smug about that fact that I could.  This is not acceptable.

The lack of discipline in this area of my life, brought to my attention this week, has made me really focus in on who I am now but also who I want to be. (See Blueprint Builder)

I’ve been told that I am a perfectionist and that I like things to be done my way.perfection That is not a compliment.

I am thankful for The Law of  Giving. Now I can truly grow while being in the flow.

Sincerely I say, “Wherever I go I bring a gift, a compliment, a prayer, a trinket, a flower to every person I encounter and I promise to give WITHOUT expectation of reciprocity or perfection from the channels I enrich.

Enjoy the Journey,

Robin A. ‘Millionairess’ Walker

By Master Key Master Me

Who Upped the Ante’? Week 4


Yep, it’s as simple as that.  I know this journey can seem to be overwhelming.  There are things to read, things to do and things to say, and really, who has time for all of that?

Well, if we get honest with ourselves, If we don’t have time to do the requirements that were made clear to us at the beginning of the course, we must be living the life we want, right? Because if we’re not, what exactly is it that is taking so much of our time that we don’t have time to do this?


Something in us decided that ‘change’ was necessary. Then the Universe helped us connect with this amazing Master Mind Experience, and we got so excited! Yes this is what we’ve been looking for. Yes! Yes! Yes!

But, oh, you mean we have to do actual work, everyday? We have to think for ourselves, everyday?  We have to imagine and put into words the life we really want and not spew out the polite, politically correct existence somebody told us we are suppose to have?

This isn’t one of those lecture deals where we just listen to someone (who is charming) telling us how to be a copy of a copy.motivate me

Excuses won’t cut it here. This where the big boys and girls play.  So let’s dig in and learn to Master our Minds!

Enjoy the Journey

Robin A. ‘Millionairess’ Walker



By Master Key Master Me


I have to remember that no matter what my current life circumstance may be, I am responsible for it.  My thoughts of yesterday have created my life of today.

That’s not always a pretty picture.  hiding2

Today I see GREAT opportunities to change some things.  I see the need to consciously eliminate & block subliminal messaging that comes from sources that are familiar and comfortable.

One of the habits I developed this past year was watching the late night news and then catch the monologue on a popular late night show.  I believed that I was keeping myself informed (with the news cast) and entertained (with the late night monologue). war-2408702__340Harmless habit, right?

No!  The late night news was always, always, always full of negative reports and images!  Yeah, the news anchors would banter and make cutesy remarks, but the information was not positive.  Not something to sleep on, and the monologues were something I could live without.

This session of the Master Key Master Mind class, reminds me that my thoughts are being influenced by what I absorb consciously (especially the last hour of the day, just before sleep).

In order to create the life I desire, I have to start with what I think. To change what I think, I have to change what’s getting through the gate!security guard gate

In order to change my world without, I must change my world within.  My Watchman at the Gate must be on duty during my every waking hour, Haanel.

The best way to tackle this, is by changing my Habits.professional-football-1658142_640

A new Habit is needed to replace that old one.  That’s where the Master Key experience comes in!  I have a new habit and I honor the promise to myself to stay faithful to it.

Enjoy the Journey,

Robin A. ‘Millionairess’ Walker




By Master Key Master Me

Very Interesting…. Week-2

One of the great things that happened this week is that I was the benefactor of generosity from two people.

Let me explain,  I live in the South and in the South, one of the ways people show their love is by cooking for or feeding you. Both of these individuals did that for me.  Why is that special?  The previous week I had concluded that I would not spend money on eating out; there was plenty of food at home I would just need to cook.  I made this decision mentally but my very next thought was that it would be nice to go out to eat and I even pictured myself in a couple to my preferred eating places. However, I was determined to stick to my decision to not spend money eating out for the remainder of the month of September. not spending month

I did not share this decision with anyone!

On Wednesday afternoon, when I was asked to join this individual for dinner, as a thank you for helping them pack, I was at first a bit surprised then I smiled to myself and gladly accepted the offer.  Friday while at work, the other individual brought in a home cooked feast for lunch and although it was to celebrate the owner (whose birthday was the week before), because I was there I was able to enjoy the meal as well. dining out

So, I believe that I consciously witnessed my subconscious desire to have a meal out manifest in the generosity of those two people.

I am just getting started with the Master Key Experience. If I keep observing what else will I discover?

Enjoy the Journey

Robin A. ‘Millionairess’ Walker

By Master Key Master Me

Masterkey MasterMind Week-1

The MasterKey Master Mind 2017 session has begun, and the first task is to write my DMP. As per the instructions my DMP is suppose to say what it is I want.

I am still a little surprised at how challenging it is for me to formulate into words what it is I want.

I have several thoughts on what I want to do. I have  lots of good ideas on things that could benefit others, things I would like to be able to provide through service.  I have thoughts on ways to help others be better at what it is they desire to do.   But, what I want, a mystery to be uncovered.

I could try starting with what I want to do, however I’ve been instructed to make it clear, concise removing all fluff. clouds

I went to bed last evening with this question on my mind.  Then I dreamed a dream, and this is new again because it’s been a while since I’ve had a dream that I could recall and glean any insight from.

The dream, I am most certain, was my version of the Golden Buddah story. I was in a place that looked to be a house that had 6 to 8 rooms. The rooms were spacious and furnished nicely but the colors were dull and boring.  There were others there.  We all appeared to be content in this place.  No one was excited about life or overjoyed about anything, just content.  Life was very routine.

Then something happened.  I saw that there was a view beyond what I had become accustomed to seeing.  The normal scenery reminded me of the movie The Truman Show. trumanshow1 It looked as though I was seeing the sky and grass but it was a canvas painted to make life seem normal, acceptable. I wanted to get a better look of what I had glimpsed beyond that, beyond the canvas through the tiny crack.  But every time I tried, the Dominating Force (obviously my old blueprint) kept pushing me back into the familiar rooms.

After several attempts to break free a few of the other residents of this place became involved.  They started out trying to keep me there, but then, surprisingly, they began helping me, trying to get me out.   The back and forth struggle ensues……

Apparently this is going to be a fight.  Just know that this time I win. ali

Enjoy The Journey

Robin A. ‘Millionairess’ Walker

By Master Key Master Me